I've got herpes, but am long on the genitals

"In the face of facts, genital herpes bias would really exist all the time? We believe that with the progress of the society, and we in fact tireless transmission. These biases will eventually disappear."

At the age of 13, mother will go to the hospital, the doctor was told to do a small operation, I asked what disease?Uterine fibroids. How could I think mother gets this disease?She is not a clever woman. Children are raised in the integration of urban and rural areas, it's easy to see full pole treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) as, there will be some impression in my head, in what syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, genital warts...That is the proper nouns, venereal disease is also a person does not love themselves low self-esteem, sleep around, immoral. That one got uterine fibroids. Heard mother doesn't know what's my uterine fibroids, will think first impression is venereal, feel mother didn't clean.

I was so stupid. Fortunately, was at the age of 13. Relative to the syphilis, gonorrhea, genital herpes reputation more terrorist.For many of those suffering from genital herpes this common disease, the most surprising ta no injury symptoms of herpes itself, but rather a shame and loneliness.Most people believe that only those who are easy to abuse will have genital herpes.Deep in their hearts of this kind of mistake cognition is worse than the symptoms of itself, because it will affect the date, social life and mental health and other aspects.However, what is genital herpes is a kind of existence? Genital herpes. Be due to two types of herpes simplex virus sexually transmitted diseases.The symptoms of genital herpes are similar to the lips were mentioned, facial herpes.Genital herpes infection, can appear around the vagina, penis and anus papules and blisters.Papules and blister formed after the bursting of the ulcer and erosion.After healing, herpes, or every few weeks or months will relapse.

Have a every six people Centers for disease control and prevention, according to data from 14 - in the United States population, 49, have a person every six people in the genital herpes caused by infection of HSV - 2 (the herpes virus, a major cause of genital herpes. The centers for disease control and prevention, said genital herpes overall proportion may be higher, because many people are infected with another kind of HSV - 1 through oral sex caused by herpes (the herpes virus is one of the main causes of cold sores).If count it in, genital herpes infection status for about twenty-five percent of women and ten percent of men, but most of these people don't even know tea is sick. The virus can be inhibited, they are impossible to erase from the angle of people's health, genital herpes is not a serious illness.According to the national institutes of health, many people with genital herpes have never been a herpes outbreak or gradually reduce the outbreak of broke out (once or twice a year is a common). The virus may be lurking in your immune system for years and not show it.The outbreak of the first general worst, usually within a few days to weeks after infection.Usually, the heat of the outbreak will include several days genital blisters or sores (or, in rare cases, oil elsewhere), at the same time accompanied by burning, itching, swelling, and temper during stress or fatigue. Although the virus will never lift, but some antiviral drugs can relieve and suppress the outbreak. The outbreak of the two cases can increase the risk of only a few cases, there will be risk: with genital herpes with people infected with HIV have sex (because it will increase your probability of HIV infection) or during pregnancy. Occurred during late pregnancy or production of genital herpes outbreak for baby comes into contact with the mother herpes can be fatal (namely "neonatal herpes"), but this is rare, there are about 3000 cases in 20000 newborns), and according to the journal of the American family doctors, according to an article published this through treatment and cesarean section can be avoided.

No matter is sexual contact, or wear a set of possible infection through sexual contact with genital herpes infection, usually spread by or oral liquid on the genitals.You can only already have genital herpes infection, might only be disposable contact will be infected, and whether or not to use condoms are likely to be infected. According to the centers, for disease control and prevention, the condom can only reduce your risk of infection.You may even from fresh asymptomatic infection, because according to the journal of the American medical association study published in 2011, from asymptomatic people infected with HSV - 2 the probability is about 10% of the virus. Herpes is "the majority don't want to be discussing infectious diseases" Herpes among sexually transmitted diseases have unique bias. HIV/AIDS is ashamed of, but few of them laugh at those who were infected with, because it is a very grave disease. HPV can sometimes lead to cancer, women also regularity for testing. Chlamydia, syphilis, crab louse, scabies, gonorrhea diseases sometimes would become a target for a joke, but because usually these sexually transmitted diseases can heal, so people usually don't have to bear the annoyance that this too long. Genital herpes be incurable, however, are usually regarded as a disaster, discrimination and irony are a common topic.Patients easily considered prostitution or walking, or infect others deceiver, fornication and deception are looked down upon.New York times called herpes are people willing to discuss "the most infectious diseases,". There are many movies and TV in our living environment, the network media and books more or less will mention genital herpes, rather than just beside the childhood home telephone pole on advertisement of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), but the public understanding of genital herpes, less bias is more frightening.We easily avoided, cool to smell and frowns, and even disgust and curses. Be made fun of, be despised, let those people with genital herpes dare not openly, all these risks, depression, rejection, tears, anger, suicidal tendencies, shame, shame, and loneliness are caused by a skin condition only. In front of facts, genital herpes bias would really exist all the time?We believe that with the progress of the society, and we in fact tireless transmission. These biases will finally disappear.Is like I am 13 years old that year, and will eventually grow up.