Dating in the college

As is well known for all, dating is popular with college students. One opinion clear that it is reasonable, but the other keeps the opposite opinion. In my opinion, dating is acceptable in a suitable case.

In colleges, the students are well adults. So, they have rights to build a romantic relationship in our country. College students have been strongly committed to studying hardly towards a successful career and therefore hesitant to date with their different sex or not. If the dating is supportive of their studies, it should be encouraged. In that case, they will do their best to finish the all aspects of their goals for the one they love, because they don’t want to see that the other involved into frustration and disappointment. Of course, if the dating is only the burden, we should not accept. When the dating take you up the most time and therefore you do not have the time to study, communication with your friends, take part in colorful activities and do other things, I think you will be deeply depraved and never gains during your college life.

In conclusion, influence of dating between college students is versatile. Take a look open between right and wrong, let’s make ourselves to be the masters of the future.